Early Renewal

Thinking of renewing your mortgage early? Contact Ryan today to find out if this option might be right for you!

Because mortgage rates may fluctuate often, it's beneficial to revisit your current mortgage product, regardless of how long you've had it.

An early renewal involves renegotiating the mortgage term and interest rate before the maturity date.

Some mortgage products allow the borrower to renew their mortgage early at any time during the term, these are rare but are out there. Give me a call if you are unsure about your mortgage's ability to be repaid or renewed early.

A prepayment charge may apply if the borrower:

  • Has a closed-term mortgage
  • Renews their mortgage before the end of term

Before you consider an early mortgage renewal you should:

  • Contact your existing lender to get details of the prepayment charges or other fees that could be charged for renewing early
  • Make an appointment with us to discuss your new lender options
  • Weigh the savings vs. the costs to break your term and/or renew before maturity


I am here to help shop the market for you and help determine whether you'll save money by breaking your current mortgage and renewing early. I'm always happy to offer a FREE MORTGAGE REVIEW at any time to show you your options.

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